We are representing a new format of a symphony orchestra reaching far beyond any classical musical ensemble

Community of like-minded professional musicians brought together by passion for art and creativity. Our core value is Music.

Mikhail Golikov

Artistic Director of
In current phase of my artistic development, I would like to bring together a community of like-minded people so that we can create a new form of an orchestra, a Digital Orchestra. This idea and concept came to me even before COVID-19 pandemic. But now, since we all have been deprived of the possibility to perform in public for so long, and we are not sure, how this situation is going to unfold in the future, we have come up with a plan on further development of our orchestra, concept of our first performances. Our repertoire has been selected, locations chosen, and public around the world will soon be able to easily access our performances. I am happy that my ideas are being implemented, and now, together with our musicians, we can dramatically extend the traditional outreach of classical music.

What is Digital Orchestra?

International project that has no boundaries and can be physically implemented in performances around the globe.
The cast of the Digital Orchestra is international. Best musicians of the world will take part in live performances.
Digital Orchestra cast is versatile and is going to be continuously renewed, which provides the opportunity to fulfill most daring ideas in the world of classical art.

The first project by Digital Orchestra consists in recording all the nine symphonies of Ludwig van Beethoven to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the great classic composer. Centuries later, Beethoven’s music continues to inspire people. These symphonies performed by Digital Orchestra are going to be a modern interpretation of Beethoven’s legacy. His message to humanity that he conveyed through his monumental symphonic masterpieces still sounds very acute and relevant.

Nine symphonies in performance of the Digital Orchestra will be presented every Friday since 5th September 2020 at the website of TV-channel Russia-K and official Youtube-channel Kultura.

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